13th IFAC Workshop on
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, 12-14 August 2019

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May 15th, 2019

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National Organizing Committee

Ahmad Barari
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Marcos Tsuzuki
Universidade de São Paulo

International Program Committee

Benoit Iung
Lorraine University

Marco Macchi
Politecnico di Milano

Ahmad Barari, Canada
Alexander Kühl, Germany
Amir Monjazeb, Canada
Andrew Kusiak, United State
Armand Baboli, France
Benoit Iung, France
Christos Emmanouilidis, United Kingdom
Damien Trentesaux, France
David Romero, Mexico
Dmitry Ivanov, France
Edmont Hajrizi, Kosovo
Evgueni Bordatchev, Canada
Franz-Josef Villmer, Germany
Frederic Vanderhagen, France
Hind Bril el Haouzi, France
Hossam Kishawy, Canada
Jana Abou Ziki, Canada
Janusz Szpytko, Poland
Jay Lee, Unite State
Jose Reinaldo Silva, Brazil
Jill Urbanic, Canada
Jurek Sasiadek, Canada
Marco Macchi, Italy
Marcos Tsuzuki, Brazil
M. T. Ahmadian, Iran
Marek Zaremba, Canada
Paul Valckenaers, Belgium
Paulo Jorge Pinto Leitao, Potugal
Peter Kopacek, Austria
Remus Tutunea-Fatan, Canada
Rajkumar Roy, United Kingdom
Sayyed Ali Hosseini, Canada
Sergio Cavalieri, Italy
Shimon Y. Nof, United State
Yuval Cohen, Israel
Zbigniew Banaszak, Poland



Best Paper Award

Åukasz Sobaszek
Implementation of Low-Sensitivity Adaptive Control Systems in Machining Low-Stiffness Axisymmetric Workpieces     
Antoni Świć, Arkadiusz Gola, Łukasz Sobaszek, Natalia Šmidová

The other finalists for Best Paper Award:

Maximilian Metzner 
Virtual Commissioning of 6 DoF Pose Estimation and Robotic Bin Picking Systems for Industrial Parts      
Maximilian Metzner, Soeren Weissert, Engin Karlidag, Felix Albrecht, AndreasBlank, AndreasMayr, Jörg Franke

Theresa Passath
Decision Making in Lean Smart Maintenance: Criticality Analysis as a Support Tool      
Theresa Passath, Katharina Mertens

Andrea Huxol
DoE Methods for Parameter Evaluation in Selective Laser Melting
Andrea Huxol, Franz-Josef Villmer


Industrial Paper Award

Marcos de Sales Guerra Tsuzuki
Massive Parallelization Accelerated Solution for the 2D Irregular Nesting Problem
André Kubagawa Sato, Thiago Castro Martins, Marcos Sales Guerra Tsuzuki

The other finalists for Industrial Paper Award:

Armand Baboli
The Evolution of World Class Manufacturing towards Industry 4.0: A Case Study in Automotive Industry      
Mojtaba Ebrahimi, Armand Baboli, Eva Rother

Fabian Müller
Intuitive Welding Robot Programming Via Motion Capture and Augmented Reality
Fabian Mueller, Christian Deuerlein, Michael Koch

Fred Carter
Process Parameter Generation of Nickel Based Alloys Using Predictive Software Tool
O. Elstermeyer, F. Carter III

Student Paper Award

Cody Berry
A Digital Twin for Integrated Inspection System in Digital Manufacturing      
Hossein Gohari, Cody Berry, Ahmad Barari

The other finalists for Industrial Paper Award:

Hamidreza Setareh Kokab
Extracting of Cross Section Profiles from Complex Point Cloud Data Sets      
H. Setareh Kokab, R. Jill Urbanic

Philipp Wenzelburger
A Novel Optimal Online Scheduling Scheme for Flexible Manufacturing Systems      
Philipp Wenzelburger, Frank Allgöwer